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As early hustlers, we too move out of our hometowns all alone , in search of a better future keeping our comfort and safety away. For hassle-free living , our founder Mr. Yash Agarwal thought the idea of home away living with Homeflic Living - A safe and comfortable place for students,working professionals,parents and PG owners.

Who we are?

We present to you our automated processed application where not only PG owners can list their accommodations but for tenants to have a platform for searching the best accommodation. Apart from tenants and owners, the application is beneficial for the parents to have a security check on their children through multiple features of the application like outpass, attendance, guest visits, food menus etc. Homeflic Living is a three-in-one opportunity for living in peace and satisfaction of all three (students / working professionals, PG/Hostel Owners and parents).

How we are doing?

We are providing the service in various places inclusive of various cultures, so that you get exactly what you want and where you want. "Homeflic Living" providing PG accommodation to students, safety checks to parents and tenant to owner.

For Pg Owners, Property owners can list their property with multiple options like number of rooms, beds, amenities, etc. and our team members will reach out to them soon . Also, they can manage their tenant records, rent , electricity bills, food menus, attendance, outpass, guest visits, events and feed backs with our application. Listing helps the property owners get the premium tenants. With going digital with our app dashboard, there is a massive reduction in paperwork which is very beneficial for the owners.

For Tenants, We are here to enhance your experiences of college/career life and comfort you with all the digital advancements you deserve. A wide range of properties to choose as per their preference. Tenants will have the access to well-established and reputed properties in the area they are looking for followed by approval from our company, Homeflic Living .

For Parents, Why worry about your child when you have Homeflic Living with you? Homeflic Living took the initiative towards every parent’s concern whenever their child goes away from them. The application is user- friendly and when the user is the parent, then we can say our application is “parent-friendly”. Parents can have a big safety check on their child day-to-day activities through multiple app features like outpass, food menus, guest visits, etc.

Why US ?

You need the comfort and We provide it . We are here to enhance your experiences of college/career life and comfort you with all the digital advancements you deserve. We are helping in providing a quality -based living . This is just the single and go to platform making it convenient for you all. Safety is our biggest concern and we are here to comfort you with a peaceful and convenient life far away from family.